My New Podcast: Bring Your Whole Self to Work

July 21, 2016Bring Your Whole Self To Work Podcast

I have a brand new podcast that I’m really excited about…it’s called Bring Your Whole Self to Work. I’m working on a new book (with the same title) and as part of the research for this book, I decided to interview some of the most interesting business leaders and thought leaders I know – to learn from them about their own personal journeys and also how they operate as leaders.

The focuses of the conversations and the podcast are:

1) How can we have the courage to show up and bring all of who we are to the work that we do?

2) How can we create and/or influence the environment in which we work so that it’s conducive to authenticity, kindness, humanity, creativity, compassion, and appreciation (in addition to success)?

In the interviews I get real with my guests, and find out the truth behind their own stories – their ups, their downs, their insights, their challenges, their milestones, and more.  I also talk to them about how they approach authenticity, teamwork, culture, success, leadership, and other important aspects of life and business.

These conversations are designed to give you specific insights for creating greater authenticity, courage, and fulfillment in your own life and career, as well as ideas for how you can create an environment around you at work where people get real, have each other’s backs, and have the courage to bring all of who they are.

The very first episode is called “The Whole Self is Everything with Chip Conley.”  I’m so excited that Chip decided to join me for this first show.  He’s a business leader, a thought leader, and a person I respect and admire a great deal. At 26, he started Joie de Vivre – which became the second largest boutique hotel company in the United States.  He’s the author of four books and after selling Joie de Vivre in 2010, he has worked as a mentor to the founders of Airbnb and a leader within the company as they’ve grown exponentially over the past few years. He is a true renaissance man of life, business, personal growth, culture, and more.

In this episode Chip talks about his fascinating journey.  He also shares some great tips for how to both show up as authentically as possible at work, as well as some of the things he did in building such a strong culture at Joie de Vivre.  They were voted the second best place to work in the San Francisco Bay Area (right behind Google).

I hope you enjoy this first episode and my conversation with Chip.  I’ve been having so much fun with this podcast – we’ve already recorded a handful of episodes and have some great interviews lined up.  I can’t wait to share them with you each week and I hope you will be as inspired, enlightened, and stimulated by these discussions as I am.  My intention is that this podcast is a benefit to you and those around you.

You can check out this first episode and the podcast on iTunes or visit our new podcast page on my website, where you can read more about each episode and guest, as well as link to any of the other podcast platforms you may like to use.

Let me know your thoughts about the show on my blog or on Facebook. Feel free to subscribe to the podcast on iTunes (or your favorite podcasting platform), leave a review, and share it with others you think might benefit from it.

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