What Makes You Laugh?

Samantha, our eight month old, loves it when I rub my beard on her belly. We play the beard-rubbing-belly game as often as possible. My new favorite sound is the joy-filled laughter of my beautiful daughter…it fills me with such a sense of joy, appreciation, and fulfillment. I love it and no matter what kind of day I’ve had, as soon as I hear her laugh and see her smiling face, all is well.

What makes you laugh? And when I say laugh, I mean that deep, belly laugh that makes your toes tingle and your face hurt. Some of us don’t have the opportunity to laugh like that very often. Most of us did as kids, remember? The power of laughter is incredible. Scientists have proven that laughing can heal our bodies and, of course, lift our spirits.

My friends Matthew and Terces Englehart have a powerful workshop called “The Abounding River.” This workshop is all about abundance and gratitude. They believe that it is essential to laugh deeply on a daily basis and by doing so, we open ourselves up to receiving abundance in our lives. Throughout their workshop, there are many times when the entire group has to stop and laugh as hard and as loud as possible for an entire minute. It is a great exercise.

Check out the Abounding River workshop website, which also happens to be the website for Matthew and Terces‘ amazing local chain of raw food restaurants located here in the San Francisco Bay Area called Cafe Gratitude – http://www.withthecurrent.com/ Their site, their restaurants, and their work are amazing.

This week, see if you can find that place within you that loves to laugh and let your laughter out. Laughter is one of the best, most powerful energies we can express. And, when we do we tap into deep passion, excitement, and gratitude within us. What a great way to live!

With Appreciation and LAUGHTER,


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