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Jack Canfield and Gay Hendricks just released an awesome book called You’ve Got to Read this Book. It is a series of stories written by well known people about books that changed their lives. The book is powerful and such a great reminder of the positive power of the written word. There have been so many books that have impacted my life in a positive way – from Where the Wild Things Are when I was a kid, to my fourth grade teacher reading us The Indian in the Cupboard, to the many personal development, self-help, and spiritual books I have read over the past 15 years.

Ironically, it was a book written by Gay Henricks, and his wife Kathlyn, that came to mind when I was running this morning and thinking about books that have impacted me in a deep and meanngful way. Their book, Concious Loving – The Journey to Co-Committment, altered the way I thought about romantic relationships and really nourished me in a great way. What I learned from that book helped me enormously in creating the fabulous relationship that I have with my amazing wife Michelle. We truly have a “co-committed” relationship and I am grateful to have read the Hendricks’ book.

This week, look for a book that will “rock your world.” For suggestions, check out the recommended books page of my website:

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