Trust Yourself

January 9, 2014

One of my main focuses for this New Year is trust!  So often, especially at this time of year, we put our attention on all the things we think we “should” do to make ourselves “better.”  What if we made a commitment to listen to ourselves, trust our intuition, and trust that things are unfolding exactly as they are meant to?

This is, like many things in life, easier said than done, of course. In this video blog I address this important dynamic of life, especially as it relates to the New Year.

Check out the video and feel free to leave a comment about how it relates to you (or any questions you have) here on my blog.

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  1. Hi Mike,
    happy new year.
    i like your video.because self trust is too much important for peaceful life,i just want to ask you a question ,i m a student in medical school i did last week the 1st exams for this year.but i didn t do well at all .now i thought a lot about my faults and why it’s happen like that.i consider my faults i want to change because it stills 2 exams i have chance to success .the problem somtimes i think positevly and somtimes i scare if i can t do well for the 2 exams in March.please encourage me support me to not lose hope .to not think negatively because i know that evey human being has inside him power .please advise me.

  2. Mike,

    I receive your emails all the time and have been ever since I heard you speak at a University of Dreams in San Francisco. I will be honest I rarely open them, but today your Vlog was spot on and I thank you for continuing to inspire. I will trust myself in 2014

  3. You are still as insightful and genuine and warm as the first time I saw you in S.Rosa Church of Religious Science. thank you thank you. I love the Whatever makes you aware of it (Trust Yourself) everyday attitude makes such sense in these painful “war mentality” to believe in your self and expressing yourself to the greater good of us All. Bring it on 2014 xoxox

  4. Happy New Year Mike!

    Since the last video was on empathy, I think this one was a good follow up video topic.

    At the end of the day, you’re right. We need to trust our gut feeling more and not second guess ourselves too much.

    What are some tips that can help with that in relationships especially?

    I feel that giving the benefit of the doubt is important when it comes to people but I feel as though lately I have been doing that too much and not getting the result that I want.

    And then there was a time recently when I pulled the plug based on the other persons action and my gut feeling about them. Turns out, I had misinterpreted some of their behaviors and they very much wanted the same thing that I did but doesn’t communicate it like I do.

    It’s just so hard sometimes… Trusting yourself and acting upon it when situations like that arise.

    Thanks again though for shedding light!


  5. Hi! Mike,

    Happy New Year!

    “Trusting yourself” is more great advice! We all need to lighten up and not take ourselves so seriously.

    I look forward to reading your monthly affirmations and now listening to your blog! I share your positive life messages with my family and friends.

    Lets have a great New Year! Thank you! Ted

  6. Mike –

    You are truly an inspiration! I watched your Tedx Power of Appreciation at Thanksgiving and shared it with my Leadership Team as that’s something our firm needs to continue to focus on every day.

    It’s funny…the role I am in needs transition and transformation which is in process, but out of my control. My Chief Strategy Officer told me last week, “If I can give you any advice, it would be Trust Yourself!”

    How’s that for the entire universe coaching me on the same wavelength.

    Happy New Year to you and I wish you much happiness and success in 2014!

    My best,

  7. I love the reflective nature of winter as well and find it is a good time of year for processing. Over the past few years of my life I have simplified and honed my time, energy, space and relationships. I have so enjoyed the delicate balance created by the smallness of the balls that I am trying to keep in the air. The key word here being “delicate.” As this winter progressed, I found the peaceful joy that I had experienced in that balance wobbling just enough for me to feel it. I was getting a little anxious about keeping the balance until I realized that it’s much easier to just go with the flow and let everything readjust to a new reality than to try to capture those fleeting moments of balance in order to make them permanent. The key word here being “permanent” 🙂 In asking myself what I want to feel instead of what do I want to accomplish, I can focus on the feeling of peace rather than the attempting to repeat or set in stone what I think brought me that feeling in the past. So, I’ve decided to breath, go with the flow and trust that my life, like water, will seek it’s own level. And, with your word, I’ve decided to let go of those bright, colorful balls to stay in the juggle or float away on the water as needed! Thanks for the encouragement, Mike~

  8. Thanks Mike, I like the addition of considering the way we want to “feel.” I think SMART goals can be a good way to plan but they are only one dimension…one perspective, if you will, of our experiences as humans.

    This year I did some journaling around how I want to feel and what I want to experience, and then identified what I need to be, do or have to reach those feelings and experiences. Maybe I don’t run a marathon this year, but I’ll enjoy the euphoric and energized state that my little 30min runs give me. Wishing you and your ladies all the best!

  9. Thank you for your inspiration. Sometimes the most basic things are over looked. Thank you for not over looking them. I especially took to heart what you said about focusing on how we want to feel. I will add that as a mother I also want to focus on the feeling my high school aged kids will have when they think back to what it was like living with me before they run off and go to college.

    My husband and I have been going through the worst part of our marriage and I want to not have the kids carry that as their last memories of home life. I am working on that now and the rest of the year.

    Thank you for helping me in that goal.


  10. Mike – thank you for validating a core value of being true to one’s self. How simple your message is – how do I feel – yet how powerful! What a great way to begin a year of abundance – thanks again – Al

  11. that is very interesting. i am going to marinate on this idea of “how do i want to feel.” thanks as always mike for your wisdom and insight, and happy new year!

  12. Happy New Year Mike. Yes, a lot of what you have said resonated with me. Often times I feel that I should have to do this or that and really not taking the time out to really understand what I do want.
    Now I am taking it real simple and it is beginning to make sense.
    Thanks for sharing.


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