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Are You Living Your Resume or Eulogy?

February 27, 2014

I had the honor of both attending and speaking at the annual Wisdom 2.0 conference in San Francisco recently.  The event was great, and one of the highlights for me was listening to an inspiring talk given by Arianna Huffington, founder of The Huffington Post.  In her talk she asked us a powerful question, “Are you living your resume or your eulogy?”

Her question gave me pause and I’ve been thinking about it quite a bit ever since.  In this week’s vlog, I talk about why it can be challenging for us to focus on what truly matters and why we’re often caught up in our desire to “get ahead” (aka focus on our resume.) I also offer some suggestions about how we can keep things in perspective, focus on what’s most important to us and stay connected to the kind of impact we want to have in the world (aka our eulogy.)

Check out the video below and feel free to leave a comment about how this relates to you and your life here on my blog.

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The Importance of Receiving Appreciation

February 13, 2014

My 40th birthday was amazing! I received such beautiful blessings from so many people in my life – it was exciting, wonderful, humbling, and a bit overwhelming. As touched and honored as I was (and still am) by all of the appreciation I got, I also noticed there were moments when it was challenging for me to fully receive the appreciation and let it in.

How do you feel about receiving appreciation? While most of us enjoy being appreciated, it can actually be challenging and vulnerable to receive the love and gratitude that others have for us at times.  However, receiving appreciation is one of the most important things we can do to empower ourselves, the people around us, and the communities in which we engage.

In this week’s video blog (aka vlog), I talk about why it can be difficult to fully receive appreciation, and how we can expand our capacity to do so. Feel free to leave a comment about how this relates to you and your life here on my blog.

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Appreciate Your Age

February 6, 2014

Because of my 40th birthday, I’ve been thinking a lot about this milestone and also reflecting on age in general.  40 seems like a pretty big and important number, although it doesn’t feel how I thought it would feel.  When I was younger, 40 seemed pretty old to me.  Now that I’m here, my perspective has changed quite a bit.

Given our cultural obsession with youth, beauty, productivity, status, and more – as well as our ego-attachments to where we think we should be at certain ages in life – it’s easy to get caught in the traps of comparison, self-criticism, or disappointment in regards to the number of years we’ve been walking around on the planet.

In this video blog I talk about how we can embrace and appreciate the age we are right now, regardless of what the number is.  Feel free to leave a comment here on my blog about how this relates to you and what you do to appreciate your current age.

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