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Appreciate THIS Moment

I often find myself running around – going from task to task, meeting to meeting, event to event – just trying to get to the “end,” (which, by the way, never comes). I have recently been listening to the incredible class that Oprah is doing with Eckart Tolle on his book The New Earth (which I highly recommend). Something simple, but powerful that Eckart keeps saying is that “the access point is in the present moment.”

When and if we can actually be present in this very moment, we have access to peace, love, joy, transformation, connection, healing, beauty, and anything else we want to experience in our lives. Instead of working “hard” to get to some destination out in the future, we can experience fulfillment right now if we appreciate THIS moment.

Take a moment right now as you read this to stop, look around, and pay attention to this very moment in time. When we do this, anything and everything is possible.

With Appreciation,


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