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Welcome to my new Appreciation Blog!

Hey there! I’m super excited about my new blog and I appreciate you coming to check it out. My goal with this blog is to keep it short and sweet (which you may know isn’t that easy for me) and to update it once a week (or more) with simple ideas, insights, and actions that you can take to bring more appreciation and gratitude into your life. I may also throw in some other thoughts about life, baseball, my wife and daughter, or various other stuff. I’ll try to keep it fun, relevant, and interesting! Stay tuned and keep checking back in for future posts. Have a great day and remember, don’t wait ’til it’s too late…appreciate yourself, others, and life and do it right now!

This week, check out Go Gratitude ( This is an incredible website and project that focuses on bringing more gratitude into your life and expressing more gratitude in the world. The site has ideas, resources, multi-media, and great information about the power of gratitude. You can also sign up for “42 day experiment.” This 42 day program is simple and powerful. You will get an email each day with ideas and insights about being grateful. Enjoy!

With Appreciation,


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