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The Power of the Invisible World

Recently I have been listening to and reading a lot of great material from some of the authors, speakers, and teachers who most inspire me like Wayne Dyer, Richard Carlson, Harv Eker, Ram Dass, Werner Erhard, and others.

One theme that I continue to hear through the messages of these and other wonderful teachers is the power of our invisible world. Whether we are simply talking about thoughts and feelings, or we go a little deeper and talk about the subconscious mind, our beliefs, and our connection to spirit, it has become obvious and evident to me that everything in our visible world first comes from the invisible world.

However, most of us don’t spend all that much time on the invisible world. If you are anything like me, you probably work a lot, make lots of to-do lists, get up early-stay up late, and do everything you can to DO as much as possible to get things done, accomplish your goals, and be successful. While taking action and doing things are essential to success and many of us get stuck in places of inaction that keep us trapped, I think an even deeper trap is to not recognize or appreciate the power of the invisible world within our minds, our hearts, and our spirits.

Spiritual teacher Lazaris says that we have six “raw materials” for reality creation – beliefs and attitudes, thoughts and feelings, and decisions and choices. These six, as well as our awareness and connection to God, our desires, our imagination, our expectations, and many other things make up the magic and mystery of our inner world.

The key to success and fulfillment is to remember that it is this inner world is actually more “real” than the outer world we live in on a daily basis. We have the ability to process and to program internally (and in conjunction with Spirit) in a way that allows our physical reality to be exactly what we want it to be. This is what the law of attraction is all about. As we remember the power of the invisible world and we put more attention on cultivating the kind of inner environment that we want, we will see our lives, our relationships, and our results in the outer world transform.

This week, see if you can take a little more time in silence (prayer, meditation, or just thought) and connect with your inner, invisible world. How are you feeling?; What are you thinking?; What do you want?; and more…are all good questions to ask yourself. See it, believe it, know it and it will be so in your world. We have way more power than we give ourselves credit for…and, all of this power comes first from the invisible world.

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