It’s Time to Take Your Life Back with Rachel Macy Stafford

February 28, 2017rms

My guest today on today’s show is my friend Rachel Macy Stafford.  She is sharing bite-sized portions of her personal revelations in a beautiful new book, Only Love Today: Reminders to Breathe More, Stress Less and Choose Love. Her previous two books were best sellers, and her blog,, has been read by millions, and referenced by Arianna Huffington during a Wisdom 2.0 conference. The reference, and a recommendation from my wife, prompted me to reach out to Rachel a few years ago, and we’ve become friends since then.

Rachel was once one of the many people who let their phone take precedence over their time, their children, and their life. She had what she calls a breakdown/breakthrough moment, which miraculously provoked her hand to put down the phone. In an effort to take her life back, she started with a small break from the technology, so she could start to breathe again. Her story resonates with so many of us, because many of us are experiencing the same struggles, especially in the fast-paced, technology obsessed world in which we live.  In today’s episode, Rachel and I discuss how to take back our lives and focus on what truly matters.

Key Takeaways:

[2:49] What does ‘bring your whole self to work,’ mean to Rachel?

[3:55] Rachel was often asked how she did it all.

[6:30] How can the people we love connect with us, if we don’t slow down?

[10:48] The Hands Free Mama blog held Rachel accountable to her goals.

[14:23] Rachel describes the challenges and opportunities of living a Hands Free Life.

[21:48] Rachel was surprised at how relieved she felt to get her time back.

[24:05] Inspiration came from a child’s face and a message from God.


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