Audio Course: Be Yourself, Everyone Else is Already Taken

mikeBookThis four-part audio course, Be Yourself, Everyone Else is Already Taken: Transform Your Life and Work with the Power of Authenticity, is an engaging, inspiring, and practical course on how to move beyond fear and limitation, and step into who you truly are in an authentic way. The ideas, principles, and exercises laid out in this powerful audio-class will allow you to:

  • Express yourself fully and with confidence
  • Confront and transform fear
  • Take risks and go for what you truly want
  • Have more freedom and power in your work, relationships, and life

Mike Robbins – author, speaker, coach, and expert on the power of authenticity and appreciation – invites you to join him on an insightful, engaging, and life-altering journey into the power of being your authentic self!

Session One: Let’s Get Real

The first step in our journey of deeper authenticity and freedom is telling the truth about what gets in our way. It’s a lot easier to think about or even talk about being real, than it is to actually be real in life. In this first session, we look at why it can be hard for us to be authentic – the familial, cultural, religious, and personal influences, thoughts, and fears that make it difficult for us to do and say what is true for us, or lead us to believe that who we are is not acceptable enough. By getting real about this in an honest, vulnerable, and compassionate way, we gain access to a deeper level of truth.

Session Two: Transform Your Fear

Fear is the ultimate “four-letter-word” – especially as it relates to our personal growth and development. However, it’s actually our relationship to fear and/or our inability to express it and move through it that are the real issues, not the fear itself. In this second session, we address fear in a unique way – taping into its positive power by acknowledging it, owning it, expressing it, and moving through it authentically. We also work with a very powerful fear transforming technique that will have a profound impact on your life.

Session Three: Express Yourself

Fully expressing ourselves – all of who we are and how we feel – is a fundamental piece of being our authentic selves. In this session, we look at and practice “taking off our mask” and letting the person we really are come out. We work with an empowering and liberating exercise which sets us free to be more of who we are, connect more deeply with others, and let go of the time and energy we often waste trying to be, do, or act in ways we think we’re “supposed” to.

Session Four: Love Yourself

The ultimate goal of being ourselves in an authentic way is actually about loving ourselves in a generous way. If we truly love ourselves, most of what we worry about and even much of what we strive for in life becomes meaningless. We may still have some worries, and we’ll definitely continue to have goals, dreams and desires. However, from a place of true self-appreciation and self-love, the fear behind our worries and the motivation for our goals dramatically changes from something we have to avoid or produce in order to be accepted and valued to something we’re genuinely concerned about or really want to accomplish. This final session brings the whole course together and empowers us to love ourselves through acceptance, self appreciation, and bold action.

How the course works:

This is an audio-class (recorded live with a group of 32 participants who went through the live telecourse version of this program).  The audio-class is interactive and filled with exercises (to be done as you listen) and homework (to be done between sessions).  Once you purchase the course, you will have access to all four 90-minute audios of each session, as well as the corresponding handouts.  You can listen to the recordings on your computer, handheld device, or burn them onto CDs.  You can also participate in the course at your own pace (fast or slow) and review each of the recordings or handouts at any time.  For the best results, it is recommended that you listen to one session per week and do all of the suggested exercises and homework for that session during that week.  Questions? Contact us.


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