Time to Speak Up with Mike Robbins

December 13, 2016design

It is time to heal, and change, and transform. In this solo episode, I explore how we, Americans, can speak up and engage in an ongoing productive conversation, about things that are uncomfortable and disruptive. I explore how we can connect to each other, when there is an overwhelming desire to fight. I ponder about our abilities to adapt and adopt and engage in meaningful conversations, which could influence significant change.

Key Takeaways:

[1:48] Looking at the state of the U.S. and the state of the world, after the recent U.S. election.

[3:17] How to engage, when you feel compelled to speak up.

[8:19] What happens when you have the desire to fight.

[9:42] The undiscussed differences between males and females, in terms of physical safety.

[14:06] The tribal ‘us against them’ phenomenon.

[16:35] The third option of, we are all in this together.

[19:18] Do you have the courage to engage in uncomfortable but important conversations?

[23:40] Look for a solution and a way to connect.

[25:06] Adopting an awareness, having a willingness and being able to try.


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