How Will You Show Up at Work This Year? with Mike Robbins

January 10, 2017wordswag_1484085416737

In this week’s episode, I talk about our ability to fully express ourselves and bring all of who we are to the work that we do. We are just over a week into our new calendars, and many of us have started, or are preparing to start, moving forward with our intentions for 2017. Have you considered where you can bring more of who you are into the work that you do in 2017?

Bringing ourselves more fully into our work, requires us to be present and engaged on a daily basis. If we depend solely on the outcome of a project or goal, what aspects of ourselves will be left untended? How can we incorporate all of who we are, to become more fully expressed in our work?  I discuss these and other questions related to this in today’s episode.

Key Takeaways:

[2:18] How will you show up for work in 2017?

[3:45] My personal journey to entrepreneurship.

[11:50] School wasn’t for me, so I designed my own curriculum.

[16:14] The Ten-Minute Sweaty-Palmed Conversation.

[18:53] Using the outcome of a project as a gauge, doesn’t always show the whole picture.

[21:43] Is it time to engage in subjects that scare you?

[24:11] Grappling with the challenges of male body image issues.

[26:07] We are all creative, and can express ourselves through our creativity.

[29:48] Facing our fears and insecurities, to create the 2017 we want for ourselves.


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