Creating United Teams Through Humble Leadership with Jon Gordon

January 17, 2017jon-gordon

In this week’s episode, I talk with Jon Gordon. Jon is an author and keynote speaker, whose core message is positive leadership. During our conversation, Jon details the times he received divine inspiration, which led him to discover his ultimate purpose. Jon is open about his faith, and tells of how it helped him to overcome the fear of trying something he believed he was meant to do, even when he wasn’t certain he had what it would take. He also shares how he helps coaches create great teams through communication, connection, commitment, and caring.

Jon has written 14 bestselling books, including The Energy Bus and Training Camp. His tips have been featured on the Today Show, CNBC, The Golf Channel, and Fox and Friends. He works with companies and sports teams, including Southwest Airlines, Dell, the LA Dodgers, and the Miami Heat, to name a few.

Key Takeaways:

[2:22] What does ‘bring your whole self to work,’ mean to Jon Gordon?

[5:28] One of Jon’s early goals was to run for Congress, but after a City Council run, he decided against it.

[12:07] A spiritual moment inspired Jon to write.

[16:44] Jon has had many divine interventions in his life, including the idea to write his first book, The Energy Bus.

[21:09] Positive leadership and faith would become Jon’s core message and ultimate calling.

[24:02] Being open about faith in our distorted worlds.

[30:33] The greatest coaches and leaders are lifelong learners.

[35:32] Leaders who practice the “4C’s,” create positive and healthy work environments.

[39:50] What Jon believes it takes to be a great teammate.

[46:18] The Power of Positive Leadership book looks at leaders who inspire people.

[49:40] Jon is grateful for his 20-year marriage and his kids.


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