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January 3, 2017wordswag_1483490308928

In this week’s episode, I talk about how we can create the life we want for ourselves in 2017. This special time of year has an energy, a newness, and a freshness about it. It’s time to set our course for what we truly want from life. Setting our intentions for the year ahead should be done from a place of truth and authenticity. Are we able to accept ourselves more completely? Are we able to set goals and resolutions based on our heart’s desire, instead of from our ego’s demand? Are we able to recognize, acknowledge, forgive, and change things which may have held us back in the past?

If 2017 were your last year on this planet, what changes would you make in your life or in your work?

Key Takeaways:

[4:25] Completion questions to help you move forward to 2017.

[5:30] Creation questions to orient yourself with your intentions for the new year.

[7:13] Resolutions may include intentions, actions, goals and practices.

[9:58] Are fear and shame driving your New Year’s resolutions?

[14:06] Being unplugged from technology gave me time to contemplate.

[17:04] How to focus on your heart’s desire, and not your ego’s demand.

[19:58] Why are you living life in survival mode?

[22:41] How would you live your life differently, if this were your last year on this planet?

[24:44] Recognize, Acknowledge, Forgive, and Change.

[27:31] An enlightening interview with Christine Neff, highlights self-compassion.

[29:05] It’s ok to have specific, measurable goals for the new year, but do it from a place of authenticity.


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