Being a True Champion

Create the mindset and approach of a true winner

A “true champion” is someone who can transform the fear, stress, and daily challenges of business and life in order to keep things in perspective and produce extraordinary results.

This program teaches the fundamentals of being a true champion by focusing on the attitudes and mindsets needed for breakthrough results! As a former professional baseball player, sales person, and a sought-after speaker, trainer, and coach for some of the top organizations in the world for over a decade, Mike Robbins knows what it takes to produce results and be a champion, especially in difficult times.

This program teaches:

  • How to create success in the face of adversity, stress, and change
  • Ways to address and transform fear, doubt, and insecurity
  • How to stay motivated, even when things get tough
  • Communication skills that create greater connections with others
  • How to keep things in perspective and focus on what truly matters



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