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Yes We Can!

With Super (Duper) Tuesday tomorrow, I felt compelled to write about Barack Obama. I often get nervous to passionately express my political views too loudly as I don’t want to offend anyone, be too pushy, or to turn off or push away people who may think or feel differently. And, here on my blog which is read by people of all backgrounds, faiths, political persuasions, and more it feels risky to me to put this out here. However, for a myriad of reasons this moment feels too important to let my little insecurities get in the way of speaking my mind and sharing what is in my heart…

I am inspired to my core about the possibility of Barack Obama getting the Democratic nomination and being our next President. I imagine you have already made up your mind about who you will be (or already have) voted for this primary season. And if you haven’t or have been thinking another way, as Oprah said yesterday at the rally for Obama at UCLA, “You are allowed to change your mind.” 🙂 While I respect and admire Senator Clinton and Senator McCain on so many levels, I truly believe Barack Obama is the person who can help transform and heal our nation. He speaks about and understands love, empathy, change, equality, peace, hope, unity, and possibility (and so much more)…these are the core elements of what is called for and needed at this important time!

My passionate support of Barack Obama began when my wife Michelle and I attended the Democratic National Convention in Boston in 2004. We were at the Fleet Center that July night when he gave his historic speech and introduced himself to the country and the world in a BIG way. About 5 minutes into his speech that night, I looked over to Michelle and she was crying. I looked around at a dozen or more strangers sitting near us and many of them were crying too. Within moments I was in tears myself. Many of us looked at one another as he was speaking and mouthed, “Who is this guy?” in sheer amazement. It was a truly spiritual experience and the highlight of an experience (being at that convention) that was a pinnacle moment in both mine and Michelle’s life.

We have since met him in person (see the photo below from our trip to DC in Feb. 2007) and seen him speak live in San Francisco and Oakland. I have been moved to tears dozens of times listening to him. I have never felt this way about a politian in my life and have never seen or felt what is happening in this country and with his campaign. We have the chance to make history, not just in electing the first African American president, but in empowering a spirit of hope, passion, and love that is needed and necessary at this time in our country’s and our world’s evolution.

In reading both of his books and watching literally thousands of his speeches, interviews, and more (yippee CNN and I am thoroughly convinced that Barack Obama is the right person at this time in our history to lead us in a much needed, loving and healthy direction. Just think what an incredible message we will send to our children, our country, and our world when we have Barack and Michelle Obama in the White House. By the way, if you have not seen her interviewed or heard her speak, check her out…she will knock your socks off too!

I love being alive at this time and am grateful to be able to share my passion, my love, and my commitment not just for Barack Obama, but for this incredible nation and world we live in right here in this email to you. Whatever you do, vote! And, if you are still not sure or thinking about changing your mind…vote for Barack Obama! Thanks for reading this, for participating in this process, and for being who you are.

As Barack says, “YES WE CAN!” I so agree with him. (click here to watch his “yes we can” speech from a few weeks ago in New Hampshire).

And, once he is elected, the real work will begin. It is time for all of us to step up, play big, and participate in the political process with love, hope, and faith in what is great about ourselves, each other, and this country. He is calling on all of us to become conscious citizens and to create the country and world we truly want. Yes, we can do this!

With Inspiration and Passion,


P.S. Here is a link beautifully written piece by my friend and best-selling author Marianne Williamson called “My Journey to Obama” that she posted on the Huffington Post a few weeks ago:

2/1/07 – we were in Washington DC for the Peace Alliance conference and we visited the Senate…we ran into Barack in the elevator and got this photo with him. Amazing! 🙂

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